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Höner och Eir (Sweden) the makers of Nutiden #nutidenyarn


The YARN - Nutiden is an unspun (undone) 100 % Swedish wool yarn 

- made by us - with as much of nature left in as possible.


The #nutidenyarn


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PATREON - a way to show support and get to know the reality behind the craft.
Patreon is a platform to show your support to artists of all kinds - for us - this means you show us 

- that you care for the work we do - working with local Swedish wool, from our old breeds and new

 to be provided all over the world - with our NUTIDEN-YARN and carded fibers - keeping it as natural as possible.

In return for your monthly support - Caroline offers her podcast each week - 

plus special offers from others as well as us.

- we want all patrons to know what we stand for letting all voices be heard - but we want to lift indigenous voices higher - to be heard by all.

We are anti-racist - and we are for lifting awareness about the systematic racism in our everyday lives 

- this means work everyday to learn and do better.


The great thing about unspun yarn:


You can use needles 1,75 mm - 15 mm just adjust how many strands you use. 

Which means - ANY pattern works more or less - just use your creative mind and adjust, you can draft it to become thinner, and hold it double, triple...and you can spin it too if you like.


How many meters/yards per 100 g?

As Nutiden is a un-spun yarn, and we always use different breeds and combinations for each colorway that is always unique - there is no way of knowing the exact amount of meters - as each blend is a little different, Gotland fibers are for example silky and heavy, Swedish Finewool is airy and very light with a low micron... so - we mix and we blend with our hands to make each plate - something special for you.

A general way of measuring is :

For a sweater in double strands for 100 cm bust (M/L size) around 500 g

A sweater in single strands for 100 cm bust (M/L size) around 300 g



We want to bring in our old Swedish sheep breeds in as many mixes as possible so - always unique and special.


Nutiden is sold in our webshop on special dates and specific times.
…as a thank you to our patrons we often offer collections to them first. 

Official update through newsletter and on Instagram and a listing in the 

webshop will tell you the date and time when one is set.


Nutiden is sold in our webshop (link in the website) as single plates

 (=100g – note MAX 2 plates of each color per customer )


pre-packed bags with 300 g or 500 g.

Check the drop menu to get your amount.

Processing time from order to shipping out is  3-10 workdays.


Order size

MAX ORDER - MAX PARCEL – 1600g/1,6kg yarn per parcel  
to make it more fair to everyone, as each collection is limited we have a max per order.
The shop is now set to only allow an order of a max of 2 kg including packaging 

- So if the shop says "no shipping to your country" - your order is to heavy!

This is the limit for ONE ORDER - then you place a new one. 



If you live outside of the European UNION always expect to pay customs fees and tax on your orders - this is not included in the price and is set by your countries customs and regulations.

It will take 3-10 days after you placed your order for your order to be shipped out.

 If you have a question or something
 is changed in your order for any reason - you will be put last in line for processing. 

Keep that in mind if you send an email with a request, anna@honerocheir.nu
If your payment has been drawn from you account - then the parcel is shipped even if you have not got a confirmation. Please be patient and kind to your post offices!

We thank you!

Combined shipping

We will combine your orders if its suitable for the packing process.
Please notice, we do NOT refund shipping fees. 

(Price for shipping includes and has to cover more than just shipping)

For questions on suggestions for colors or amounts of yarn

BEFORE the shop update contact Caroline @honerocheir on Instagram or via email
caroline@maranghuset.se and she will gladly help you with your order BEFORE the shop is open.

Please remember to include links to patterns if you have ideas and your bust size in CENTIMETRES.
For colour selections include skin tone, eye colour and hair colour to make it more simple or a picture of yourself and
Caroline will help you out from her point of view on what would contribute to you.


(PLEASE NOTE: FOR ORDER OR SHIPPING RELATED QUESTIONS! Then use email : anna@honerocheir.nu  



The making of #Nutidenyarn

Nutiden is dyed with certified pigments, salt, vinegar and water and dyed over fire - outdoors.


All wool is Swedish sourced, Ullkontoret our collaborators, very gently washes to leave some of the lanolin in the wool for us - as we do not use any spin-oil in our process.


Why do Höner och Eir not use any chemicals or spinoil?

Simply out of need - as Caroline (owner and maker) had allergic reactions to other yarns and is 

highly sensitive to chemicals.

But more than anything - why add things we dont need?

We want a clean and natural product - better for us and the Earth.

Allergies - good for other sensitives to know:

We use incense (rökelse in Swedish) as a natural moth repellent and we do use organic essential oils 

of lavender and Cederwood in

our waters that we spray on the wool during the making of the yarn.
If you are sensitive to incense or essential oils - please leave you yarn outside for a few days and it will air out.


Expect from us:

*Always only Swedish wool - gently washed with as much of nature left in as possible.
             *We only use certified pigments ( half with GOTS-certification), salt and vinegar when dyeing.
                           -We dye outside in old laundry pots, over fire, with the earth under, the air around us and 

the water from rain and nature as our companion.

*All handdyed wool can bleed (stain).
*Every collection of wool is always unique and is a Limited edition.

*Each colorway is different both in thickness and feelings.

*We do NOT use chemicals in the process of making yarn - such as spinnoil or bleach etc.


Our products comes with as much of nature left in as possible.


Knut and Caroline are the creators of HÖNER & EIR - and the makers of #Nutidenyarn - an unspun yarn -

that will always be unique - each blend is hand-picked and hand-dyed (when dyed) by us.


Our crew 2022

Caroline & Knut - owners and makers of #nutidenyarn

Maria – Overseeing the sorting and packaging of the yarn. 

Anna – Administration and order-processing. 
All order related question contact:  anna@honerocheir.nu
Remember to ALWAYS add your ORDER NUMBER #xxxx if you have one, 

your full name and address and any other

 information you might think necessary.

Ellen - packing, sorting yarn, testknits and processing orders.




Meet : Tora - the picker- Tora helps us blend blends and opens up the fiber for the carding.

Small carding machine Karma, that can make exclusive blends - for spinning and felting.

Middle carding machine Kata who makes fibers for spinning and felting.

Big carding machine Hera that helps us make Nutiden - our unspun yarn.

We also have Ella (spinning machine) and Alanis (plying machine) that are not in use at the moment.



If you want inspiration check the hashtag #nutidenyarn on Instagram or join in on Patreon 

Thank you - enjoy your creations and remember to tag #nutidenyarn !

Caroline & Knut
Höner och Eir TEAM

Shipping rate including tracking:

Note that the weight is including packaging and a max per order is 1600g of yarn= 2kg parcel.

                      0,1- 250g   -  126 SEK
                      250-500g   -  148 SEK
                      500g -1kg  -   196 SEK
                          1-2kg     -   283 SEK

NOTE ! SHIPPING SWEDEN - please notice that all orders are sent by 

varubrev in Sweden and will be delivered to you door or hanging on your postbox 

since May 2022