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Höner och Eir (Sweden) the makers of Nutiden #nutidenyarn

The YARN - Nutiden is an unspun (undone) 100 % swedish wool yarn - made by us - with as much of nature left in as possible.

To get in touch and talk inspiration and designs and more - contact (Caroline) on Instagram @honerocheir or e-mail at caroline@maranghuset.se

If your payment has been drawn from you account - then the parcel is shipped even if you have not got a confirmation. Please be patient and kind to your post offices!  ) 

The #nutidenyarn

Some answers:

Can you knit with this unspun yarn as it is ?

- yes of course - and the great thing is - you can draft it to become thinner, and hold it double,triple....and you can spin it too if you like. 

You can use needles 1,75 mm - 15 mm just adjust how many strands you use. Which means - ANY pattern works more or less - just use your creative mind and adjust.

How many meters/yards per 100 g?

As Nutiden is a un-spun yarn, and we always use different breeds and combinations for each colorway that is always unique - there is no way of knowing the exact amount of meters - as each blend is a little different, Gotland fibers are for example silky and heavy, Swedish Finewool is airy and very light with a low micron... so - we mix and we blend with our hands to make each plate - something special for you.

A general way of measuring is :

For a sweater in double strands for 100 cm bust (M/L size) around 500 g

A sweater in single strands for 100 cm bust (M/L size) around 300 g


We want to bring in our old Swedish sheep breeds in as many mixes as possible so - always unique and special.

How is NUTIDEN sold?

in our webshop on special dates and specific times - official on Instagram and a listing in the webshop will tell you the date and time when one is set - we keep the shop open for about 48 hours or if the yarn sells out faster we close before that.

Nutiden is sold as plates - either in 100 g plates or pre-packed paper bags with many (different weight) plates.

When we make the yarn it is not possible to know the right weight either  - so plates can variate. Therefore we make bags with all the uneven plates that are over or under 100 g  

into pre-packed bags with 300 g or 500 g.

Check the drop menu to get your amount.

How do I make the shop update go smoother?

You can make a profile on Shopify Honer och Eir (myshopify.com) before the shop update so your address and information is saved - this will save time so you can check out faster.

Are the yarn in my cart "booked" for me once they are in the "basket"?

No - Shopify is built for the shop owners benefit so that products dont stay unsold if someone put something in the cart, therefor yes - things can sell out before you reach check out. So please be on time, take it easy - if something is sold out - its sold out  - and you will hopefully find something else - or a better blend in the next shop update.

Please remember that we are a small family business - with a small and unique brand - we do our very best to provide everyone with our yarns - but we also can only keep doing this with passion if we get support for it. Please keep in mind - that there is hopefully a new collection coming that will be great for you too. Complaints about yarn being sold out can only result in us losing energy - instead of feeling inspired to make - so please - stay positive with us - because we love the work we do - and we try to do it for you as much as possible - 7 days a week :-)

How is NUTIDEN dyed?

We use certified pigments, salt, vinegar and water and dye outside over fire.

Why do the different blends of NUTIDEN cost different?

When a blend is only dyed fibers it costs more to make and takes more time - so we add 10 Swedish kronor / 100 g.

How is the wool collected and washed?

All wool is Swedish, either we pick up the wool from the local farmers - or Ullkontoret (that we collaborate with) picks up the wool for us - then it is washed very gently to leave some of the lanolin in the wool for us - as we do not use any spin-oil in our process. Nothing else is added then pigments if we dye - and water in the making process.

Why do Höner och Eir not use any chemicals or spinoil?

Simply out of need - as Caroline (owner and maker) had allergic reactions to other yarns and is highly sensitive to chemicals.

But more then anything - why add things we dont need? We want a clean and natural product - better for us and the Earth. 

Allergies - good for other sensitives to know:

We do not use any chemicals, bleach or other things in our process - or on the wool - we try to keep the wool as natural as we can.

BUT - we do use incense (rökelse in Swedish) as a natural moth repellent and we do use organic essential oils of lavender and Cederwood in

our waters that we spray on the wool during the making of the yarn.
If you are sensitive to incense or essential oils - please leave you yarn outside for a few days and it will air out.

Support and learn all about out work in the podcast

PATREON - a way to show support and get to know the reality behind the craft.

When you join as a patron - you are showing us the support of our work as a small business trying to lift and bring back Swedish wool -

from our old breeds and new to be provided all over the world - with our NUTIDEN-YARN and carded fibers.

In return for your support you can see our

* Podcast(  video and sometimes audio ) or Vlog - my  intention is to keep it weekly when possible!

and get

*Collaboration coupon codes from other makers and designers.

Please note : as we are of a Nordic country, which means that we have to recognise us in a white privileged society and we will lift diversity

and awareness to our customers

- we want all patrons to know what we stand for letting all voices be heard - but we want to lift indigenous voices higher - to be heard by all.

We are anti-racist - and we are for lifting awareness about the systematic racism in our everyday lives - this means a work everyday to learn and do better.

What we do:

We, Caroline and Knut, creator of HÖNER OCH EIR - and the makers of Nutidenyarn - an unspun yarn -

that will always be unique - each blend is handpicked and hand dyed (when dyed) by us.

Expect from us:
*Always only Swedish wool - gently washed with as much of nature left in as possible.
*We only use certified pigments ( half with GOTS-certification), salt and vinegar when dyeing.
-We dye outside in old laundry pots, over fire, with the earth under, the air around us and the water from rain and nature as our companion.

*All handdyed wool can bleed
*Every collection of wool is always unique and is a Limited edition.

*Each colorway is different both in thickness and feelings.

We do NOT use chemicals in the process of making yarn - such as spinnoil or bleach etc.

Our products comes with as much of nature left in as possible.

Our crew will be expanding this year with a new member - an apprentice -  ANNICA - that will be working,

part time, with us and our old machine park of textile machines that has been resting for years - and that we now have brought back to life

We also have Maria that comes in only to handle and pack orders for shop updates.    


Meet : Tora - the picker- Tora helps us blend blends and opens up the fiber for the carding.

Small carding machine Karma, that can make exclusive blends with angora, alpaca and dog wool as well as small batches of sheep´s wool - for spinning and felting. she is resting right now.

Middle carding machine Kata who makes fibers for spinning and felting.

Big carding machine Hera that helps us make Nutiden - our unspun yarn.

We also have Ella (spinning machine) and Alanis (plying machine) that are not in use at the moment.


*We are from November 2019 collaborating with Sweden's only wool washing company, Ullkontoret. The washing company is fossil-free and they use water from dams and rainwater to wash the wool - all water is used after the washing to fertilize the fields. So all natural.

We will still be working with Ullkontoret that they are a huge help for our production.


Changes for 2021

*BASE COLORS: we are planning a new line of base/natural colors for SPRING - 2021.

They will be un-dyed and provided for more then one update - if everything goes as planned :-)

*New collaborations - we will during 2021 share new collaborations with you.

*Shipping and order inquiries will be handled by a third party email : order@honerocheir.nu - please note that any questions regarding orders and shipping will only be answered from this email address.

*The shop openings will be official and we will provide information public on Instagram  and on Patreon for each release.

We are so looking forward to 2021 !


*From January 2020 we added Paypal as a payment option - along with Stripe - please note that because of the much higher fees for using paypal - we ask that if you can

 - please pay with a card. We will continue offering both these payment methods coming year.


As we have grown very fast - during 2021 - a third party will be handling the orders for the webshop.

Caroline will not answer any shipping or order related questions - you can send your inquires to order@honerocheir.nu

Remember to ALWAYS add your ORDER NUMBER  #xxxx if you have one, your full name and address and any other

 information you might think the team answering you would need. Because of the current pandemic - there are heavy delays all over the world

- and countries close and open boarders - it is up to you to help us by checking yourself the day before the

shop update if Sweden can ship to your country - see info here : How the coronavirus is affecting our deliveries | PostNord

If you place an order from a country we can not deliver to because of the pandemic - we will just cancel the order.

Processing time for orders.  
We open for a very short time each time we have a shop update - 24-48 hours then we are sold out and we close.
All order come in - and we start processing them AFTER the shop is closed.
The processing time has been max of 48 hours then shipped out. That is no longer possible for the volume we are sending out - so please do
have patience - it will take 3-10 days after you placed your order for your order to be shipped out. If you have a question or something
 is changed in your order for any reason - you will be put last in line for processing. Keep that in mind if you send an email with a request.

Shipping time - normal delivery before the pandemic was 24-48 hours within Sweden.
5-10 workdays to most EU countries and 10-25 workdays to the rest of the world - in general.
With the world changing there have been report of up to 8 weeks delay on orders. SO PLEASE BE CALM and wait at least a month before you start checking for any parcel.
The best we can do in a world of worry is to stay calm - and if you feel that you cant wait - please do not order from us.  
If your payment has been drawn from you account - then the parcel is shipped even if you have not got a confirmation. Please be patient and kind to your post offices!

We thank you!

Combined shipping

- we can assist you with combining orders - if you are willing to :

-Wait to last of all processing (up to one week)
- Pay the extra time for staff to sort out and store you order (if your shipping in total does not cover that cost - which is most unlikely ) -  we set the price at 500 SEK at the moment plus VAT per parcel holding. 
- if you want to combined shipping to save money on shipping - we can not help you as the shipping fees are the lowest possible - and it only covers the cost of the packaging and shipping - NOT the money the staff needs to get payed.

If you still wish to combined shipping send an email to order@honerocheir.nu (we have had some that cant get the email in- please try again or get back to us - the because the mail is working ) with all your shipping info and the staff will sort it out once they start working.
Hope you understand that we do not charge any extra for all the time put in to make Höner och Eir stay at flow as a small family business - thank you!

to make it more fair to everyone that wants our yarn - because we sell out so fast and also because we only ship a max of 2 kg - per parcel.
The shop is now set to only allow an order of a max of 2 kg including packaging - So if the shop says "no shipping to your country" - your order is to heavy!

Note that "100 g plate" is always 101-114 g in real life , so you can fit up to 16 100 g-plates - or 3 x 500 g bags and one 100 g plate - or 6 bags of 300 g bags ...or... -you get the point.
- around 1,6 kg of the yarn you pay for is the max - with the extras on the plates or in the bags that is a order full to 2 kg total bag.
This is the limit for ONE ORDER - then you place a new one.
If you live outside of the European UNION always expect to pay customs fees and tax on your orders - this is not included in the price and is set by your countries customs and regulations. 

Please note that there is no staff for shipping support for your orders working during the shop update - they start work once the shop is closed.
Any sort of inquires related to shipping and orders most be sent to order@honerocheir.nu

A common asked question is - if two parcels are shipped the same day - why do they come far apart?
We do not know - but it is normal. As we do not work in the postoffice - we simple do not have any answer for you, only that it can happen and that everything is fine.


For questions on suggestions for colours or amounts of yarn BEFORE the shop update contact Caroline @honerocheir on Instagram or via email
caroline@maranghuset.se and she will gladly help you with your order BEFORE the shop is open.
Please remember to include links to patterns if you have ideas and your bust size in CENTIMETRES.
For colour selections include skin tone, eye colour and hair colour to make it more simple or a picture of yourself and
Caroline will help you out from her point of view on what would contribute to you.

If you want inspiration check the hashtag #nutidenyarn on Instagram or join in on Patreon 

Thank you - enjoy your creations and remeber to tag #nutidenyarn !

Caroline & Knut
Höner och Eir TEAM


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