Välkommen till Höner och Eir



Höner och Eir is a Swedish based family driven wool mill that only work with local Swedish wool.

We keep everything close to us - the wool, production and dyeing. 
We are a small family business with a BIG love for wool. 

You can find us on Instagram as 


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- for inspiration to see how others create with 

our products. 

To support our family business and to get special offers and see behind the scenes 

-  you are welcome to join in as a member on Patreon - we also provide a video- and audio podcast for members. 

What is important to us?

We want a nature for the next generation - we want everyone to have the chance to create with natural fibers without any chemicals added. 

We want to honor the old ways - by mixing old Swedish breeds and new. 

We want to take care of the earth - invest in projects  that will last for generations to come! 

/Caroline & Knut